Men’s clothing store transforms into Estevan’s style spot

For a clothing store that has been a part of Estevan’s main drag for decades, Frank’s Menswear is getting a facelift, both in its interior design and selection. “Our store will be another feather in Estevan’s core downtown,” said Rhonda Donohoe, the store owner, “we strive to make Frank’s Menswear a complete destination for men.”

Since taking over the business one year ago, Donohoe has seen the business transform right in front of her eyes. The large selection of styles covers all occasions and its sizes, running from small to five-extra-large, are priced competitively. It is no surprise that in recent years, the store’s clientele has expanded to reach the business casual man to the trendy teenager.

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Though the store’s selection may seem like its best asset, it is in fact its thoughtful staff that makes Frank’s Menswear stand out from other men’s stores. Take, for example, the staff’s decision to limit the quantity of a given style, “to ensure you will feel like you have your own original look – even in a small town,” Donohoe explained. Several reviews on Facebook and Yelp affirm the staff are professional and patient. The fun-filled and stress-free environment, Donohoe said, “can only be credited to the wonderful clientele and great team that is being built inside.”

The changes at Frank’s Menswear are a direct reflection of customer feedback. Time, diligence, and consideration are consistently explicated in the store’s objective to remain relevant. Through it all, it has evolved into one of Estevan’s most cherished style spots.

The business continues to grow with plans to dress up the exterior of the brick and mortar to match the inside aesthetic. There are also plans to bring Frank’s Menswear online this fall. “We strive to be the best everyday,” Donohoe said, “this is just the beginning of many more plans to come.”

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