How buying your jewellery in person can save you time and money

“Until you actually see it, you don’t know what you’re getting,” Laurel Buck, owner of A&A Jewellery, said.

This is especially true for diamonds, she said, which is why it is imperative for people purchasing jewellery to make the trip in person. At A&A Jewellery, the benefits of shopping in store speak for themselves. As the only locally owned and operated jewellery store in Estevan, the quality of A&A Jewellery’s products and the service is next to none.

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At A&A Jewellery, Buck or one of her associates will help you through every step of the process. After all, buying jewellery is no chump change. It is not uncommon for Buck to even teach her customers about a specific piece or kind of jewellery, ensuring that the customers know exactly what they are buying. “You won’t get that kind of service online” Buck said.

After over a decade of being in the business, Buck wants people to know that buying in a store is far better than purchasing jewellery online. She said seeing the sparkle, quality, and cut in person can save you time and trouble. She has seen too many cases where people have bought a piece of jewellery online, only to receive something completely different when it arrived in the mail. She says things like a flat sparkle due to a bad cut and flaws, called inclusions, that take away brilliance in diamonds are some of the things people can miss out on when viewing a diamond online, rather than in the store.

“And after-service  is something people often don’t think of,” she said. “We’ve had rings purchased on-line or from discount stores that our goldsmith has refused to size. The settings are poorly made or the diamonds are set in a way that they will ‘pop’ or crack when the ring is flexed to size. We often send our rings back to the supplier for sizing so the warranty is intact.”  she noted. At A&A Jewellery, you can get a resizing and repairs done with a one-year warranty on most products.

A great shopping experience where you receive thoughtful service and are guaranteed to buy standout quality? Treat yourself and head into A&A Jewellery.

To find out more about A&A Jewellery, visit, call 306-634-2215 or email You can also find A&A Jewellery on Facebook.

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